Niels Rasmus Bruun Pedersen - Global Service and Support Manager, Head of Office of Airworthiness - Æronautical, Cobham SATCOM, Lyngby DK

I had the pleasure of working with James during his time with Cobham SATCOM. James and I worked together on a strategically significant product development project entailing Airborne Electronic Hardware and Complex Software. My role at the time was Head of Office of Airworthiness.

James has a unique analytical talent combined with a knack for strategic thinking and effective effort prioritization. With an exceptional tool box, James is able to analyze complex issues on both an operational level and on a strategic level. The Lean/Six Sigma and CMMI background enables James to distill core improvement potential, identifying and describing problems effectively and providing lasting solutions.

I find James to be a very dedicated, empathetic and self-motivated individual. James and I cooperated very well on the complex issues and delicate efforts required to develop the business. I hereby give James my best recommendations.

Jens Jakob Andersen, Information Security Officer - Cobham SATCOM, Æronautical, Lyngby DK

James Waskiel.

Connecticut Yankee, Six Sigma black belt, Catalyst, Change Agent – and poet at heart.

I had the pleasure to work together with James at Cobham SATCOM, on a large project for development of a groundbreaking certifiable avionic product.

James brought a plethora of knowledge, insight and experience to the project. A popular saying was “We might not know the right solution yet, but we bet that James has forgotten more about this subject, than we ever will learn. Lets find him and listen to his advice.”

Being the warm person that James is, he always sees the persons behind the project – and finds ways to communicate heart to heart, and create genuine transfer of knowledge, in a kind and growing manner.

Must be the combination of the Connecticut Yankee, wisdom of age – and having been involved in many large scale – and large stake projects over time – that makes James the unique and valuable participant he is.

Thomas Quirke, GM and VP of TETRA Business, Motorola Solutions Inc.

In the time that I have known James he has been passionate about improving the TETRA business using his in-depth Six Sigma knowledge. He leads and directs others on how the process can make strong and sustained impact in operations. His track record and dedication make him ideal for a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Jens Kristiansen, Former VP TETRA Engineering, Motorola Solutions, Glostrup, DK

For more than 10 years I was fortunate to have James Waskiel in my organization as one of the few key individuals responsible for implementing, and driving the various quality and process initiatives into the organization, from “simple” digital 6 sigma, to PMFSS. James is a true MBB by nature, as he from the outset manage to engage his audience and make it real relevant for people why a particular area is of real relevance to make them do their jobs better, quality, productivity as well as customer engagement. James is a real asset to an organization due to his in-depth knowledge of statistical tools, DFSS methods, CMMI, SSPD, PMFSS, etc., and have practical experience in using them both with engineering, infrastructure as well as terminals, and also within Product Management I strongly support James Waskiel’s nomination to be recognized as a Master Black Belt, as he truly deserves it.

Lara Martin, Senior Master Black Belt, Motorola Solutions Inc., Chicago IL. USA

James Waskiel has demonstrated leadership of Six Sigma for the Tetra business, with regard to coaching the Tetra organization on the application Six Sigma and identifying opportunities to provide value. James introduced Product Marketing for Six Sigma (PMFSS) to the Tetra business, which brought common process and common language into the team and enabled the team to work with improved productivity across site locations and job functions. Additionally, James developed a financial impact model for Six Sigma Product Development (SSPD) projects, to assess financial impact of PMFSS and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) projects, which had not been previously done in Motorola. I strongly support James Waskiel’s nomination as a Master Black Belt candidate, as we drive to make Six Sigma a competitive differentiator for our business.

Ole Hammer, Quality Director Delta Laboratories, Hørsholm DK

I have worked with James in his BB capacity for many years both in my former role as Tetra Quality Director and in my current role leading Tetra HW Technology. James has a healthy curiosity and skepticism regarding the status quo. James thrives on applying his BBB skills to understand and document the present and identify opportunities and drive improvements. James is always open for a challenge to apply his analytical skills towards finding order in chaos. James communication skills allow him to get his points across to higher level managers, experts and Motorolans with diverse backgrounds. James has on multiple occasions demonstrated his ability to work effectively with teams that spans the wide diversity found within Motorola e.g. when assessing and applying PMFSS in the Boromir and Aragorn projects. Over the year s James contributions have been recognized both inside and outside the Tetra Community and Motorola. Experts for the Danish Government authorities spoke highly of James’ service availability modeling of the nation-wide Danish public safety network. James is sought after, and always receives excellent, ratings as teacher and speaker on BB related subjects both inside and outside Motorola.

Jim Wyatt, Vice President Export Controls, Motorola Solutions Chicago, IL USA

James was assigned by his management to work with our Global Trade Compliance team to drive the design and implementation of a new process for gathering encryption specifications and details related to Dimetra products. As part of the project James also assisted in the training and communication needed to implement and institutionalize the process in all three regions. James’ involvement resulted in a process that was integrated into the existing TETRA M-Gates process and minimized the resources required to satisfy our trade compliance requirements. I support James’ nomination as a Master Black Belt candidate

Jan Füssel, Program Management Office for Tetra Business Unit, Motorola Solutions Inc., Glostrup DK

James has been supporting the last couple of Dimetra Infra programs with SRE prediction. Part of the method was to eliminate external differences in order to be able to compare results. In this process James has shown an extraordinary good overview of SRE methods and processes which were required to convince stakeholders that the method was trust worthy. In the process James were able to translate the business goals into tangible goals, which convinced even the most critical stakeholder that the quality goals were met. Further the process helped to predict when the quality goal was expected to be met. The experience after i.e. D8.0 is that very few FRB’s is raised from customers. Konstantin Dolgov Dimetra System Design manager:
I know James since he joined Motorola in 2001. Since then he was actively working in the areas of process improvements providing value to engineering and business teams. He helped to formalize Customer Network Integration process and prepare team for ISO audits.
Last and this year he was facilitating Collaborative DFMEA with Motorola customer and engineering teams. He run the process of DFMEA and made sure that action was brought to closer. The customer has provided very high positive rating of this work.
James has also showed his analytical and mathematical skills in analyzing application partners feedback on the questionnaire that was designed to evaluated partners engagement with Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO product. This helps us to derive out of this questionnaire correct recommendations to the business on the investment area in improving application partners loyalty to Motorola Solutions. With no doubt I support James Waskiel nomination to MBB.

Diego Boerresen Lladó, former Engineering manager for James (E12), independent management consultant

I hired James Waskiel back in 2001 and in all those years, James has served the Dimetra engineering organization in many ways – always very dedicated and hard working. James is excellent in performing analysis and driving improvements based on solid data – also before James started his BB journey. James is highly respected for his work and his ability to teach or instruct others in understanding complex topics. He is a true MBB by nature in the way he manages to engage an audience with his deep knowledge of process and technology and never ending search for improvements. I can therefore only support the next natural step in his carreer – the nomination of James as MBB.

Marek Rydzy PhD Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Motorola Solutions, Krakow Poland

I have been working with James for the last several years both on the overall DSS program as well as in introducing DFSS tools and methods to TETRA projects. James demonstrated leadership in establishing governance system for the whole program as well as in introducing DFSS tools and methods in projects. In particular, James was instrumental in introducing and then coordinating management of Critical Parameters for TETRA products (both Infrastructure and Subscriber). Taking into account James’ knowledge of statistical tools, DFSS methods, experience with coaching belt candidates, and his process orientation and CMMI expertise I strongly support James Waskiel’s nomination as a Master Black Belt candidate.