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Skills and Expertise

Education, Skills and Expertise:

Formal Education:

John Hopkins University, School of Bio-Statistics, Pittsburg PA USA

Data Scientist Program, 2014-2020                                                                                               

Motorola University, Chicago IL USA

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Program, 2012  Masters

LEAN, Design for 6σ, DMAIC, Product Marketing for 6σ, Technical Development for 6σ  

Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute, Frankfurt Germany, 2003 Certificate 

Certified Instructor Program in Capability Maturity Model Integrated

Thesis: “Organizational Environment for Innovation and Integration”

Intel University, Portland OR USA

Reliability Engineering, Patrick O’Conner Program, 2002 Graduate

University of Connecticut, Storrs CT USA

Individualized Program, 1979 Graduate Bachelors of Science

Electrical Engineering/Computer Science and Biophysics                                                                                        

Skills and Expertise:

SW Reliability Engineering Modeling & Prediction

Technical Debt Assessment and Management

Data Measrement & Analysis (Minitab, SigmaXL)

Simulation, Monte Carlo, DOE Optimizations

Predictability and Capability Performance Maturity Measurement and Analysis

Organizational Quality Assurance Practices and Management

Product Marketing, Development and Realization Journey

Problem Solving and Quantitative Risk Assessment/Mitigation

Organizational Behavioral Change Instantiation and Management

Software Development Practices and Management Processes

ISO Auditor and Continual  Improvement Paradigms

Key Performance Indicator Program Management

Requirements Development, Analysis, Management and Optimization

Cross-functional Collaborative Team Leadership and Strategic/Tactical Planning

Establish and Maintain Agile Methodology

Design for 6σ Team Leadership

Coaching/Mentoring /Teaching

Quality and Business Management Systems Architect