ZfR – Copenhagen DK,  2020 – present

  • Senior Consultant – Measurement & Analytics Engineering
  • Provide clients with the practices, tools and trainings to improve quality, reduce risks and control costs of their              business-critical products, processes and organisational domains through measurements and analytics, organisational behavorial change and understanding of performance capability and predictability.

Software Improvement Group – Copenhagen DK, Amsterdam NL, 2019 – 2020

  • Technical Software Consultant
  • Advise technology leaders on how to improve quality, reduce risks and control costs of their business-critical software systems

Freelance Six Sigma Master Black Belt, SEI CMMI – Copenhagen DK 2014 – 2019

  • Aeroras Consulting, Peoples Republic of China
    • Senior Advisor
    • Measurement and Analytics, Product, Process and Organisational capability and predictability performance.
  • Danish Engineering Services, Ballerup DK
    • Senior Consultant; Project Management, Business Consulting Group,
    • Projects:
      • Thermo-Fisher Scientific, Roskilde DK
        • Consultation of statistical process control and sample size/power of the test calculations, training and delivery of results in preparation for planned regulatory +/ ISO audit
      • Yxlon, Høje Taastrup DK
        • Consultation, coaching and training of HW and system MTBF reliability calculation theory and practicums.
      • Saab Military. Sønerborg DK
        • Consultation, training and application of HW and systems MTBF reliability calculations for Danish Navy tender. Develop and deliver an automated contingency tool to provide effectivity and efficiency in calculations. MIL STD 217 based
      • Saab Military DK, Sønderborg DK
        • Consultation, training and delivery of HW and systems MTBF reliability calculations for Norwegian Navy project. MIL STD 217 based.
  • STORM House of Six Sigma, Holte DK
    • Consultant LEAN Six Sigma Master Black Belt Instructor and Coach
  • Copenhagen University Medical School, Copenhagen DK
    • Research Statistician: Providing correlation analysis methods for medical school research project
  • Danish Software Innovation Consortium, Valby DK
      • Mathematical Modeling Consultant: Contributing mathematical modeling concepts and approaches to an innovative emergent SW project concept, SAS, R.

Cobham SATCOM – Lyngby DK, 2016-2017

  • Quality Engineering and Internal Consultant
  • Grow the Engineering organizations maturity of the  Quality Assurance capability and predictability performance of satelite communications for an emergent marketing vertical (Commercial Ærospace; Boeing, Airbus customers)

Motorola Solutions – Copenhagen, Global, 2001 – 2014

  • Internal consultant LEAN Six Sigma Master Black Belt, instructor and practitioner, Public Safety Communication Systems for Product Marketing, Engineering and Product Realization.
    • Process architecture and analytical modeling to deliver business results from a global set of complex andchaotic environments, cultures and systems
    • Contingency and sensitivity analyses to maximize business return on R&D investment across product roadmap by measurement & analysis of the Producers Risk / Consumers Risk balance of and for the cost involving cost, quality, scope and schedule decisions
    • Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt in DMAIC, DFSS, PMFSS, LEAN for both product, process and organisation.
    • Mentoring / Coaching / Leading to raise the performance of the organisation
    • Certified Instructor for Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute, Capability Maturity Model Integrated – organizational process performance maturity measurement and analysis
    • Certified Six Sigma Green, Black and Master Belt instructor in DMAIC, DFSS, PMFSS, LEAN, Productivity Measurement Systems

Intel Corp – Lyngby, DK 1998-2001

  • Quality and Reliability Engineer, network switches and routers research and development

Brodersen Controls – Roskilde, DK 1997-1998

  • Design and Development Engineer, communications and machine controls, firmware and hardware

Scan-Optics – East Hartford, CT USA 1993-1997

  • SW and FW Design and Development Engineer then Quality and Reliability Director, document scanning equipment

ABB Research – Windsor, CT USA 1990-1993

  • System and SW Architect
  • Architect, design and manage system and SW level requirements and high and low level design across multiple systems for the US Department of Defense and US Department of Energy for nuclear power.

Excalibur International – West Springfield, MA USA 1980-1989

  • Machine control HW and FW Engineer
  • Develop, code and verify product parameter performance to meet cost, quality, scope and schedule targets