ZfR - James Joseph Waskiel

ZfR - James Joseph Waskiel

Measurement and Analysis Engineering Practitioner and Instructor - Lean Six Sigma MBB & SW Engr. Institute CMMI

ZfR – Measurement & Analysis Engineering


Provider of solutions and services in the measurement, analyses, modeling and optimization of product, process and organisational predictability and capability performance.

Passionate practitioner, instructor, coach and, mentor for individual and organizational maturity growth. Amongst an evolving range of methodologies, SIX SIGMA, LEAN and CMMI paradigm driver and instructor for effectively and efficiently delivering Customer Value through improved optimised throughput.

Curriculum Vitæ:

CV James Joseph Waskiel

Passions and vision:

Instantiate & Institutionalise collaborative behavioral organizational change within and amongst geographies through  innovative teaching, mentoring and coaching people.

Apply probability and statistical tools and methods for predictive engineering and data based decision derivation.                                                                                                

Measure, analyze and evolve process performance for attainment and sustainment of both stability for prediction and capability towards business goals.

Develop and implement KPI driven performance.

Perform sensitivity and contingency analyses to maximize business return on R&D investment. E.g. Understanding the resulting interactions of Voice of customer, business, technology, capability and quality.

Manage the organisational quality assurance paradigm from a producers risk /consumers risk balance


Six Sigma Senior Master Black Belt; LEAN, DMAIC, DfSS, PMfSS  practitioner, champion, instructor, mentor, paradigm and organizational behavioral change agent.

Certified Instructor and High Maturity Lead Appraisor, Carnegie Mellon University SW Engr. Institute Capability Maturity Model Integrated

ISO (Diverse)


  • English (Native or bilingual proficiency)

  • Danish (Professional working proficiency)

  • Spanish (Elementary proficiency)


  • pilot, single engine, land

  • guitar enthusiast

  • stoicism

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